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Clown Phobia sufferers saved with NLP

What is a Clown Phobia?

Coulrophobia is an exaggerated or otherwise abnormal fear of clowns, or a clown phobia. It is actually not uncommon at all among children, but some teenagers and adults also develop a clown phobia. While most people develop Coulrophobia or a clown phobia after having a particular bad experience with one on a personal level, there are other ways that a clown phobia may be developed.

How is Clown Phobia developed?

Some people develop a clown phobia after they see a negative or sinister portrayal of a clown in the media, such as on television or in the movies. The University of Sheffield once held a design study that showed that clown-themed d├ęcor in hospitals was terrifying to a surprising number of children. While some people develop their clown phobia after encountering a clown in person, other people have developed Coulrophobia just from seeing a clown in pictures. Clown phobias are more than just basic aversions to clowns, but rather are marked by a drastic or irrational fear not only of clowns, but also of other characters that resemble clowns.

How prevalent is clown phobia?

It has been said that one in every seven people is suffering from Coulrophobia to some degree. The exact number is largely unknown, but what is recognized is that clown phobia is very common, and can even be quite debilitating in some people. While it may be easy to poke fun at the idea of clown phobia, it can be a really traumatic and overpowering fear, not only for children but also for adults as well. There are a number of people across the globe who simply cannot handle being in the presence of a clown, or even seeing a clown in pictures or on television without having a startled effect or even a panic attack. Clown phobia, surprisingly enough, is no laughing matter. Most clown phobias begin in early childhood, and go long into adulthood. While some children do eventually get over their clown phobias, there are a number of adults who still find this particular phobia quite debilitating in their daily lives.

How can Clown Phobia be treated?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is also known as NLP, is a form of therapy that is handled much differently than traditional therapy. Instead of simply concentrating on the regular aspects of therapy including diagnosis and the assessment of a psychological, mental or behavioral disorder, NLP works much differently. The primary goal of NLP is to help a client overcome his or her self perceived issues, or issues that are subjective to him or her. NLP is a completely unique therapy form that works remarkably well and extremely quickly to eliminate even the most debilitating of phobias, including clown phobia.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and is a type of therapy that uses two different forms of programming therapy in order to directly and effectively address powerful and overwhelming phobias in as small an amount of time as possible. The primary goal of NLP in this particular application is to address and remove phobias while allowing the patient to address his or her own capabilities. The first form of NLP programming therapy is projection booth therapy, and the second is logical levels therapy. Each has its own unique way of addressing phobias.

The primary thing to know when it comes to NLP therapy is that it takes as little as twenty minutes to have an outstanding effect on someone suffering from a debilitating phobia. Phobias like clown phobia can be extremely debilitating, but NLP addresses how the patient views the problem rather than how the therapist views it, and this is a truly breakthrough effective way to eliminate phobias in no time at all. Above all else, it allows people to return to their every day lives, no longer negatively affected by irrational and overwhelming phobias.

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