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Is fear of commitment a phobia?

The fear of commitment has not always been regarded as a debilitating phobia. In the fact, it was referred to as an avoidance of all long term relationships, partnerships or marriages. However, a fear of commitment or commitment phobia is so debilitating in some circumstances that it affects home life, school life and work life as well. The term “commitment phobia” was actually coined in 1987 in a book called Men Who Can’t Love. At first, the term was coined to refer specifically to men with an aversion to commitment; though later more works were produced that explained that both men and women can have this commitment phobia equally. How does commitment phobia affect people? Commitment phobia most commonly applies to romantic life, which is also where it is the most apparent. People who are suffering from commitment phobia tend to be eager to find a romantic relationship that is lasting, but they claim that they are incapable of finding the right partners, or maintaining connections that are long lasting in nature. What is ironic about commitment phobia is the fact that the people who suffer from it crave the same things that they fear more than anything in the world: love and meaningful connections.

This paradox tends to lead to a pattern of love, seduction and rejection that is both truly confusing and easily destructive in nature. The results are inadvertently quite devastating emotionally. How do we understand commitment phobia? The real key to understanding the concept of commitment phobia lies in recognizing that these behaviors are most commonly rooted in fear. This may include the fear of lost options, or instead the fear of making bad decisions. Someone who is suffering from commitment phobia may see their decisions as permanent, which can easily allow them to feel trapped or caged without any potential means for escaping. Commitment phobia, then, is a truly disabling fear that can manifest itself in a number of different ways throughout their everyday lives, including in their careers, the ownership of their home, or even every day shopping. Every day decision making can become a tremendous burden for them to bear, and many people simply cannot handle it.

Commitment phobia can destroy even the strongest relationships, pitting the commitment phobic against his or her significant other on a consistent basis. How can Commitment Phobia be treated? Although developed several decades ago, NLP is being regarded as a breakthrough treatment for the treatment and elimination of a number of different debilitating phobias, including commitment phobia. While commitment phobia may not appear to be overwhelming or debilitating from the outside, those suffering from it can attest to the fact that it ruins their lives and makes many things more difficult throughout the day. NLP works through two different forms of therapy, both which are capable of significantly reducing the negative effects associated with phobias in as little as twenty minutes.

What is NLP? NLP is a form of programming therapy that stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This particular form of therapy uses two different approaches to effectively address therapy from the patient’s own subjective beliefs rather than from official diagnostics or treatments used in regular forms of therapy and psychotherapy. The primary goal of the NLP treatment when it comes to phobias is to address the phobia for what it is through projection booth therapy and logical levels therapy, allowing the patient to use his or her own capabilities and wisdom to eliminate the harmful effects of the therapy in as little as twenty minutes. NLP is an extremely powerful form of therapy because it takes an approach that is completely different from everything else out there.

NLP allows people with harmful and debilitating phobias to address these irrational fears on the level where they feel comfortable, allowing them to easily and effectively remove the effects of the phobia so that it can no longer control them. This is an excellent approach for people who are dealing with commitment phobia, especially because traditional psychotherapy does not have a well established approach to dissolving this phobia. Is a debilitating or overwhelming phobia keeping you from enjoying your life as much as you should? You can learn about NLP and its powerful techniques for absolutely free by clicking here! No longer are you required to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for ineffective therapy. NLP can change your life today

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