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Quit Smoking

Make money while helping people quit smoking!

This seminar will teach you the Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes ™ system, enabling you to assist your clients to quit smoking (using NLP and hypnosis) and it only takes 1 session. That’s it! All done in 60 minutes and you will offer a Lifetime Guarantee! That’s how successful this system is.

The beauty of this system is that you will receive absolutely everything that you need to succeed and to earn $1,000 a day, working only 2 days a week. Does that sound like an ideal situation for you? And after the 4 day seminar, you will receive a 30 day Action Plan that will set out what you need to do so you are guaranteed to start earning $1,000 a day on the days you choose to work.

In essence what you are receiving from this total turnkey system is literally a “Business in a Box”. Everything has been done for you and the marketing is so simple and user friendly, that you will have clients coming to you week in and week out. Due to our sell out programs and the fact that we now have dozens of successful graduates earning between $57,000 – $123,000 per year working part time by using this incredible business system we have decided it is time to change our model and the next one we will be significantly raising the investment to over $20,000.

But the GOOD NEWS is you get one last chance to secure your place now for last year’s ridiculously low investment. It’s like you are getting a franchise that guarantees your success if you follow the simple model, without the hefty price tag of a franchise, that would start at $50,000. So save yourself thousands now by securing your place before the sharp price rise.

This seminar is a fraction of the cost. You will be able to get a return on your investment (ROI) straight away and recoup your entire investment in just over a month and keep earning $1,000 a day each day you choose to work after that. How does that sound?

Remember this is the last opportunity before the price rise, so if you are at all interested please let us know and we will do all we can to facilitate you joining the group.

So please take your time now to read this exciting material. I have also included what some graduates have to say as well. You can call the office now on 1300 733 642.

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