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QC Inner Circle Newsletter December 2011

QC Inner Circle Newsletter December 2011

The Joy of Giving

Team QC have embraced the silly season with Christmas sing-alongs – Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” and Frank Sinatra’s “Jingle Bells” have been on high rotation in the office.

One Christmas song that always resonates with me is John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War is Over). I’m a huge Beatles/Lennon fan (thanks to my Dad) and I think the opening line of this song is really powerful, “So this is Christmas, and what have you done?” When I listen to Happy Christmas (War is Over) it gives me a chance to pause and think about what I’ve done in the past year and what I need to work on in the coming year.

This Christmas I want to focus on the joy of giving rather than receiving gifts. If you are looking for a memorable gift for a loved one that will no doubt make a huge difference in their life I’ve got a couple of great ideas for you…

  • Why not give the gift of change, with our popular NLP Certification Scholarship? For just the one-off admin fee of $97, you can give family and friends a wonderful gift that’s conservatively worth $5,291.97. PLUS…even better…you’re giving them the gift of PERSONAL POWER…the power to transform themselves and finally have the life they really want.

  • Why not help a loved one embark on a healthier, happier path in life? If you know anyone that has struggled to stop smoking you could really change their life this Christmas by booking an appointment that is guaranteed to help them Quit for good! We’ve made it super easy for you, our QUIT Directory features the very best QUIT Cigarettes in 60 Minutes specialists across Australia. You can find a specialist in your area by visiting the website: http://quitcigarettesin60mins.com/

Here’s what Barbara Houghton had to say about her NLP Certification Scholarship experience:

“I learned so many processes that can be applied so readily and easily in everyday situations, it was awesome. It made me realize how we can be carrying baggage from past experiences we sometimes don’t even know we have and how they can be released by following the NLP process.”

Barbara Houghton, Jimboomba, QLD

This Christmas give a gift that keeps on giving, it’s the perfect way to PAY IT FORWARD.

QC News

A very QC Christmas

Roberta and the entire QC Seminars team would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

Roberta aka Mrs Claus wants to give everybody an early Christmas present!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; I love this time of year! It’s a great time to reflect and think about what you want to achieve in the year ahead.

“That’s why we’ve conducted an interview with our trainer (my Dad) George Faddoul who shares the tips, techniques and strategies on ‘How to Get a Bigger Bite out of 2012’.”


This interview is a special sneak preview of the type of amazing content that will be made available on the QC Coaching Club in 2012. If you aren’t already a member call QC Seminars for more information on the application process today.

Remember…If you’re looking for some light reading over Christmas you can read back issues of the QC Inner Circle newsletter, stay in the loop by logging onto Roberta’s blog, follow us on twitter and don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook for all the latest news from the team at QC.

Egypt – the land of the pharaohs

A few members of the QC Seminars team have been on location over the first two weeks of December for our annual pilgrimage to Egypt, the land of the pharaohs.

We’ve had a great group come along with us and everyone is really enjoying this once in a life time trip.

Watch this space we’ve got some exciting news to share in 2012!

CLICK HERE for more information on our next trip to Egypt

Here’s what Marie Budimir had to say about her experience with us on a previous trip:

“I knew this trip was going to be amazing but my expectations were far far exceeded. Words cannot do justice to how awesome, brilliant and stunningly beautiful this tour was. We did not have to lift a finger and our accommodations were so beautiful we never wanted to leave any of them. Each day was fantastic – but every day surpassed the last. I mean, how can you improve on perfection!!! We experienced not just the magnificent pyramids, temples and places that everyone knows, but we were given a personal invitation into the heart and soul of this magnificent culture and its people. How can you go to a country on the other side on the Earth and feel so at home in every sense. We were honoured and welcomed by so many beautiful people that took care of us. The only problem was when we were asked what our favourite experience was we couldn’t decide as there were too many!!!

This is so much more than a tour of Egypt – you can get that anywhere – this is a life long love affair that has just began. I will return again and again, and I will only ever go to Egypt with this tour. Nothing else compares.”

Marie Budimir, Melbourne, VIC

We wrote about this AMAZING adventure in a previous newsletter, which can be read HERE.

NLP Definition of the Month

Tag questions a Milton model language pattern where a question is placed at the end of a statement, as in you’re getting a lot of value out of this, aren’t you? That was one, wasn’t it? They are designed to displace resistance, as both positive and negative are paced simultaneously thus displacing the attention of the listener.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”Walt Disney


Merry Christmas everyone! Team QC are loving these carols at the moment… get into the spirit of the silly season with us!!


Straight no Chaser

The 12 Days of Christmas

The Christmas Can-Can

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