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QC Inner Circle Newsletter February 2012

QC Inner Circle Newsletter February 2012


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This month I’d like to focus on those surreal moments when you feel like the stars have aligned in your life and everything is as it should be.

In ancient Hawaiian culture, this blissful state is known as being “Pono”.

Pretty much every single person who attends a Huna training experiences a profound transformation. They describe a sense of INNER PEACE, a CERTAINTY about their true identity and their PURPOSE in life.

Not too long ago, you would’ve had to travel all the way to Hawaii to experience this amazing training but as you know QC Seminars is in the business of paying it forward so we’ve decided to launch this event in Byron Bay for your convenience.

Date: April 23 – 28
Location: Byron Bay
Trainer: Dr Serge Kahili King

HUNA is a science of healing, enlightenment and personal empowerment. It’s the practical system of living that evolved in ancient times in the magical islands of Hawaii.

Its origins go back thousands of years. It’s not a religion, but an integrated system of energy work, psychology and spirituality. It’s not meant to replace any religion or beliefs but to enhance them.

Huna shows you how to get in touch with your life-force energy (called “mana”), how to use your energy more effectively and how to understand your connection with the world around you (including with other people).

FOR MORE INFORMATION & SPECIAL WEBINAR CLICK HERE http://events.quantumchangeseminars.com/huna

QC News

Meet our Huna Trainer:

We are very excited to announce that Dr Serge Kahili King, the author of the world’s largest selection of books and audio programs on Huna and the spirit of Aloha, will be the trainer at our upcoming Huna event in Byron Bay (April 23 -28).

Serge has been teaching the principles and practice of Huna for over 40 years. He was initiated into Huna at the age of fourteen and at eighteen he was adopted as the grandson of Joseph Kahili of Kauai, a “kupua” or shaman of the Hawaiian tradition.

His books include “Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living”, “Urban Shaman” and “Instant Healing”.

Dan Millman, author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” says,
“This beautiful, useful book reveals profound teachings about our relationship with the natural world and the universe. I was inspired by these wisdom-principles that can illuminate our path through life.”

Serge is also the founder and Executive Director of Aloha International. This world-wide network of teachers, counsellors, therapists and empowered individuals is dedicated to the purpose of sharing his teachings with all those who desire a better life.

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NLP Practitioner Dates
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Perth, WA
Rendezvous Hotel The Ballroom, The Esplanade
Thu, Mar 22 2012 09:00 am To: Sun, Mar 25 2012 08:00 pm

Sydney, NSW
Venue To Be Announced
Thu, Jun 21 2012 09:00 am To: Sun, Jun 24 2012 08:00 pm

Melbourne, VIC
Moonee Valley Racing ClubGate 1, McPherson St
Thu, Jul 05 2012 09:00 am To: Sun, Jul 08 2012 08:00 pm

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NLP Definition of the Month

Behavioural flexibility or the law of requisite variety is the ability to vary one’s approach in order to achieve a desired outcome, as opposed to one, habitual, limiting response.


“I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow.”
Whitney Houston (Greatest Love of All)


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