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QC Inner Circle Newsletter October 2011

QC Inner Circle Newsletter October 2011

Visit Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs


It is our privilege to offer you the chance to take a journey back in time to Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs.

Have you always dreamed of visiting Egypt? Well, our mission at QC Seminars is to turn your dreams into reality. That is why we would like to invite you to join us in Egypt from December 1-16.

They say a picture paints a thousands words – but when it comes to Egypt the pictures truly don’t do it justice!


This magical country has to be seen to be believed… by taking part in this trip you will able to experience Egypt in a way that few other people in the world ever get to do.

In fact, Bill Gates and his entourage have enjoyed this same tour of Egypt that you are being offered.

Here’s a glimpse at the amazing experience you’ll enjoy when you join us on this adventure…

  • Enjoy a deluxe cruise along the legendary river Nile from Luxor to Aswan in our own specially chartered luxury vessel
  • Explore the majestic, mysterious and mighty temples at Luxor, Kanark, Dendarah and Aswan with PRIVATE visits where you get to see places that are forbidden to most people
  • Marvel at the extraordinary Valley Of The Kings and walk in the footsteps of legendary figures in history
  • Visit the Giza Pyramids (these are one of the 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD!) with a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit (that few people get to experience!)
  • Stand in the shadow of the SPHINX (other visitors are NOT allowed to do this) again a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit where tourists will be looking at you not the Sphinx wondering at how special you are to have this access.
  • You get to enter the King’s Chamber INSIDE the Great Pyramid for your own private time and meditation PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit
  • Enjoy a swim, snorkel or dive in the Red Sea when we relax at Sharm el-Sheikh
  • A private and exclusive visit to the world-famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • Meet the famous and infamous Dr Zahi Hawass (one of the world’s leading experts on the mysteries and treasures of ancient Egypt) who will give us A PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE lecture on the latest discoveries!

Secure your place today: http://events.quantumchangeseminars.com/egypt2

Here’s what Sandy Barrett had to say about his trip to Egypt…

“There is no place I have been to on the planet that feels as alive as Egypt. The culture, traditions, people and landscape persists in these times of change and their stunning monuments are brilliant reminders of a time gone by. This trip gave me tremendous insights into the people, their culture and traditions; immersed me in its natural wonders and took me inside the most treasured and sacred monuments on the planet. The incomparable personalised guidance gave me the opportunity to absorb this wondrous place and this I have not experienced in all my life’s travels. Nothing could have prepared me for the extraordinary experience I had; which was the most moving of my life to date.”


  • Standing at 146.5 metres (480.6 ft), the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years, the longest period of time ever held for such a record
  • There are sketches of the Sphinx without a nose in 1737, over 60 years before Napoleon reached Egypt. Experts don’t know who defaced the monument or why but they do know how it was done. Vandals hammered rods or chisels into the sphinx and pried off its nose.
  • The heart was the only organ that was not removed when a body was mummified, because the Ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was weighed against a feather to determine whether a spirit was allowed into the afterlife.
  • In 1922, Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamen’s tomb, which had previously rested almost entirely undisturbed for over 3,000 years.
  • The construction of the High Aswan Dam meant that Abu Simbel’s 3,200 year old statues and temples (dedicated to Ramses II and his wife Nefertari) would be underwater in the newly created Lake Nasser. So, Egypt launched a four year salvage effort in 1964 with the help of UNESCO. The temples and statues were cut in 30 tonne blocks and reassembled 60 metres higher up and out of danger.

QC News

Upcoming NLP Series

GREAT NEWS! There are still a limited number of places left at our upcoming NLP October/November series. Here at QC Seminars, we are in the business of paying it forward. That is why we are offering you this life changing seminar valued at over $3,695 for a one-off $97 administration fee.


NLP Training: Brisbane
Oct 27 – Oct 30 at Brisbane Racing Club

NLP Training: Sydney
Nov 3 – Nov 6 at Sydney Masonic Centre

To secure your place please call the team on 1300 733 642 TODAY!

City of Sydney Business Awards Gala Dinner

Roberta was proud to represent Quantum Change Seminars and her fabulous team, at the 2011 City of Sydney Business Awards Gala Dinner. It was a great night and we were so excited to be nominated alongside some of the best and brightest companies in Sydney. Although we didn’t win, we were delighted to be there on the night and congratulate all the winners. Roberta spoke with Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney and Lisa Wilkinson, presenter on Today, Network Nine. The entire Gala Dinner was also kept in stitches by funny man Arj Barker.

QUIT Success Story: Alwyn Balyse

“I work as a physiotherapist and I love to help people every day. But before I did the Quit training nothing I did saved lives! Now I’ve helped over 50 people quit cigarettes. Each person I’ve helped now has an extra 14 years of life, and a much better QUALITY of life. I’ve benefited too of course. I’ve had multiple $1000 days, in fact $2000 days, which I never would have done before the training. But the high point of my day is the feeling that I have helped someone who has struggled for years, finally give up! The system works I am happy to tell anyone. I was dubious, being a medical system, how could it be this easy? In fact I tried to talk myself out of doing it – too expensive, what if it doesn’t work? When I came down to Sydney I was convinced that I would ask and find. I am so glad I stayed. My life is great, helping others is great. Thanks you so much Roberta, Jamie and everyone at QC. You do an incredible job and I love being part of your quit team. If you are thinking of doing the training just do it. You’ll be glad you did!”

We’ve received such a phenomenal response to our upcoming Quit Business training (Sydney November 8 – 11) that it will soon be SOLD OUT.

In fact there are only 10 spots left at the current seminar special price, and they are about to be snapped up.

Click here to register your interest.


NLP Definition of the month

Future pacing is the process of mentally associating into the future for the purpose of rehearsing (either associated or dissociated) new resources being used in a future situation to ensure that the new desired outcome or behaviour will occur naturally and automatically at the appropriate time when it will be required in that future situation. It helps connect newly found resources to future cues. The author prefers to end a process with a dissociated Future pace, so that you (or your client) can literally see yourselves doing the new behaviour at the future time.

Inspirational Quotes

I showed my masterpiece to the grown-ups, and asked them whether the drawing frightened them.

But they answered: “Frighten? Why should any one be frightened by a hat?”
My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor, digesting an elephant. But since the grown-ups were not able to understand it, I made another drawing.

I drew the inside of a boa constrictor so the grown-ups could see it clearly… “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince)


The best of the 90s

We double dare you not to sing-along to this video…

It’s pretty much impossible.

We’ve been playing this YouTube video on repeat in the office and I must admit a few of us have broken out some pretty daggy dance moves!

This seriously talented Danish a capella vocal group pays tribute to some great 90s tunes…


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