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1. QC Seminars thank you for your association and purchase. By placing an Order, you acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions as outlined below and agree that the placement of an Order together with these Terms and Conditions forms a contract between you and QC Seminars.

Time and Place

2. Your payment to QC Seminars entitles you to:

a) Attend the Event during the notified times; and

b) To receive a copy of the Event materials as advertised

c) To receive products purchased from speakers at an Event hosted by QC Seminars

3. QC Seminars reserve the right to change the Speakers, Event Hours, Dates and/or the Venue for any reason and may or may not notify you of the change prior to the training and detailing substitute Speakers, Event Hours, Dates and/or Venue and:

a) We shall have no liability to you; and

b) You shall make no claim against us (including a refund), in respect of the same

Payment / Investment

4. You will pay QC Seminars:

a) The Investment Sum in one lump sum on the placing of the Order by you without set off, deduction or counterclaim; or

b) If QC Seminars have agreed that you may pay by Installments, you must pay each Installment to us in full and without set off or deduction the Installment Sum on the Installment Due Date as agreed on your order form

c) Payments made under this agreement must be made by the means specified in the Order.

d) If Payments are not made on the due dates, your attendance may be cancelled and no refund or credit will be given

e) Should you fail to pay QC Seminars an Installment Sum by the Installment Payment Date for that Sum then all monies owing to QC Seminars by you shall become due and payable immediately to QC Seminars without set off or deduction or counterclaim and without need for further demand.

Cooling Off Period

5. If you advise QC Seminars by providing notice in writing within three (3) business days of placing the Order that you do not wish to receive the training/products this agreement shall be at an end and we shall refund to you all monies you have paid to us under this agreement. Refunds to you will be made by the same method as payment was received by QC Seminars.

Transferring Attendance

6. You may choose to attend a different event date. Your payments will be reassigned to the alternate event date, subject to the following criteria:

a) You will still need to make all required payments for that event, and you must attend the event within 12 calendar months of the original event date.

b) If you do not attend the event within 12 calendar months of your final payment, you will forfeit any payments made. QC Seminars reserves the right to charge a transfer fee for all programs.

c) A $500 transfer fee will be incurred for attendance for transfers for any of our Advanced Programs, including but not limited to NLP Master Practitioner Certification, NLP Trainer’s Training, Million Dollar Speaker Success System, Quit Cigarettes in 60minutes, HUNA and EGYPT.

NB: A $47 transfer fee will be incurred for attendance transfers for our NLP Scholarship Program.

7. Complimentary tickets to any events, including those issued as bonuses when purchasing a main event, may not be transferred.


8. QC Seminars may cancel the training or supply of product for any reason by written notice to you. We will also refund you the amount you have actually paid to us within 10 days of giving you notice of cancellation. QC Seminars will then have no further liability to you in respect of the cancellation.

9. You acknowledge that you shall not be entitled, and shall not claim a refund other than by strict compliance with clauses 5 and 8 and the QC Seminars Terms and Conditions. You further acknowledge that this is an essential term of this agreement on which QC Seminars rely.


10.  You acknowledge:

a) That neither QC Seminars, any of our representatives or any person we engage to perform the training or supply of product is an investment advisor or licensed by ASIC or any other governmental authority to provide investment advice;

b) The speakers/presenters do not purport to provide investment advice or operate an investment advice business (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001); and

11.  QC Seminars may pay commissions to third parties arising from your entering into this agreement.

Ticket Sale and Resale

12.  Event Tickets may not be transferred, be resold, or be offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer without the prior written consent of QC Seminars. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.

Scalping warning: The resale of tickets in certain circumstances is governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties.


QC Seminars‘s TRANSFER Policy

What is the reason for this policy?

From the date that you make the initial deposit or payment to attend an event, we begin planning for your attendance and incur costs accordingly, even up to twelve months before the event. Our refund policy reflects this.

What is my cooling off period?

From the date of making the decision to attend an event then paying either a deposit, the ticket fee in its entirety, entering into a payment plan or applying for a finance option, you will be given the option to consider your purchase for a period of a further three (3) business days. During this time, if you choose not to proceed you can simply notify us by email at info@qcseminars.com or fax us a written document to +61 2 9518 4982. We will then refund to you any monies paid without question.

I can’t go to the event I booked for – can I transfer to next year’s event?

Yes, you can transfer your attendance to another course within 12 calendar months of the original courses start date by notifying us and paying a transfer fee.

I have booked in to attend an event, and because I can no longer make it, I would like to attend a different event. Can I do this?

Yes. In this case we will reassign your payment to the other event, subject to the following criteria. You will still need to make all required payments for the original event, and you must also attend the event within 12 calendar months of the original event start date and pay a transfer fee.

What happens to my money if I don’t turn up or cannot attend?

If you don’t attend you will forfeit your money after the cooling off period. Remember, we have already accounted for your attendance in our expenditure so it is not possible to either obtain a refund, or have the funds paid held in credit for another event.

Thank you for your understanding, QC Seminars look forward to welcoming you at the event you have chosen to attend.

All transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD) only.

Quantum Change Seminars is a new Australian company offering NLP and other personal development seminars in
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