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Testimonials - Million Dollar Speaker Success System (Bigger Bite Trainers Training)

Wayne B
"Outstanding training! I learnt a lot myself but could see the rest of the class grow each time during the exercise. You see people grow with more practice and confidence. George is a master at marketing and I loved the metaphors. I have learnt a great deal with NLP and look forward to practising it. "

Wayne B, Brisbane, QLD

"I got the new knowledge that expands my horizons and gives me the opportunity to grow, as well as to grow my business, help people and earn good money. "

Elina D, Auburn, NSW

" What a wonderful 3 days. Life promoting knowledge! George I always enjoyed your presentations but this blew me out of the water. I thank you for sharing your wisdom."

Peter S, Sydney, NSW

"I’m excited about the future with QC and NLP. I can see myself helping other people and making money for my family, it’s a great win/win/win. "

Jeffrey L, Clontarf, NSW

" It is amazing how this seminar “How to get a bigger bite out of life” provided me so much knowledge, support and materials for me to start my business. Definitely highly recommended and value for money."

Flora B, Melbourne, VIC

"Bigger Bite Trainers Training has given me the confidence to become a trainer, presenter and opened me up to new opportunities, new possibilities in life. I look forward to studying and making this a reality. "

Jervaisse Y, Fitzroy, VIC

"It has given me the tools I need to start me own training business with a variety of training available to deliver. It has been a great 3 days with a wealth of information and opportunity. Thank you"

Pamela C, Melton South, VIC

"I’ve got the tools to speak confidently on the topics covered in the training. It was presented in a fun and energetic way with lots of “hands on” exercises. Well worth the time and money invested. "

Caroline K, Ashwood, VIC

"As always QC Seminars presented soooo much more than I expected. I wish the training was an extra day. George is an amazing presenter. It makes it very easy to learn and absorb the info. Getting us up doing training – just 2 hours is perfect because we got over nerves and got on with learning, developing and growing from that point. I’m awed and delighted by the quality of this training course. Loved every bit! Thank You "

Sara D, Bramston Beach, QLD

"I have learnt a full system to help people improve their life. This training has an excellent balance between theory and practice. The discussions were engaging and the drills and practice sessions were more than efficient and boosted my confidence. Well done George and the QC team. Thank you so much. "

David M, Middle Cove, NSW

"Dear George and Roberta, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the most amazing 3 day seminar I have ever attended. I have never felt so positive and motivated about creating a career for myself as I do now. I know that if I authentically apply all these resources I will be a winner! "

Rachel S, Sydney, NSW

Excellent Value!
Tremendous opportunity! "

Sharon C, Pakenham, VIC

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