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"I knew this trip was going to be amazing but my expectations were far far exceeded. Words cannot do justice to how awesome, brilliant and stunningly beautiful this tour was. We did not have to lift a finger and our accommodations were so beautiful we never wanted to leave any of them. Each day was fantastic – but every day surpassed the last. I mean, how can you improve on perfection!!! We experienced not just the magnificent pyramids, temples and places that everyone knows, but we were given a personal invitation into the heart and soul of this magnificent culture and its people. How can you go to a country on the other side on the Earth and feel so at home in every sense. We were honoured and welcomed by so many beautiful people that took care of us. The only problem was when we were asked what our favourite experience was we couldn’t decide as there were too many!!!

This is so much more than a tour of Egypt – you can get that anywhere – this is a life long love affair that has just began. I will return again and again, and I will only ever go to Egypt with this tour. Nothing else compares.


Marie Budimir, Melbourne, VIC


I want to thank you for encouraging me to go on the tour of Egypt in December 2005.

I keep going back to the photos of the trip – the great experience stays with me. I know people often talk about going to Egypt and how fascinating it is and now that I have had the experience and have been totally enthralled…

I thought the itinerary was well thought out because it made it easy for me to follow the chronology of the different phases in Egypt through time. ..The private visits to the sites were just so much more value – to experience the spirituality of the places we visited without the crowds made those places very special…

…Our guide was truly amazing – a walking, talking encyclopedia and he made it easy to follow and understand – brilliant…I loved the 6 star accommodation all the way, starting with the Mena House and finishing with the Intercontinental – it was quality all the way!

Quantum Travel with their organizers are in my view are the most professional people I have experienced – they really care about their travellers. I have mentioned this trip every time I talk about Egypt and will continue to recommend them highly to anyone who is thinking of travelling to Egypt – I have left my tags on my luggage so people will ask me about them!

Thank you again – I am working at making a return trip ‘back home’ again soon.


Lewis Rowell, Docklands, VIC

" Again thank you for organizing a great trip. It was a travel highlight for us – a significant it life event. Highly recommend Egypt as a travel destination. We will go again! "

Helen Woods Brisbane, QLD

"There is no place I have been to on the planet that feels as alive as Egypt. The culture, traditions, people and landscape persists in these times of change and their stunning monuments are brilliant reminders of a time gone by. This trip gave me tremendous insights into the people, their culture and traditions; immersed me in its natural wonders and took me inside the most treasured and sacred monuments on the planet. The incomparable personalised guidance gave me the opportunity to absorb this wondrous place and this I have not experienced in all my life’s travels.

Nothing could have prepared me for the extraordinary experience I had; which was the most moving of my life to date.”


Sandy Barrett, Frankston South, VIC

"I have been lucky enough and travelled to 40 countries in my life and I can honestly say this trip to Egypt arranged by Quantum Travel, has been for me and my wife Tula simply the best, company was great, we had a ball.

Having the special guest speakers, including Dr Zahi Hawass & all the special added bits & pieces really added a whole new dimension to the experience that you don’t normally get on any trip and I have always travelled 1st class, this was altogether a step above the rest, thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous.


Roland Geitenbeek,Scoresby, VIC

"Picture this for a moment. It is just before sunrise and you are standing in the sands of the Giza Plateau of Egypt between the gigantic paws of the majestic Sphinx gazing up at its awesome face as it is bathed in yellow lights. You can hear the sounds of Cairo waking up behind you and as the first shafts of sunlight appear on the horizon, the lights are turned off and the Sphinx greets the new day as the first rays of the sun light its face.

For many years now this is an experience that has been reserved for Heads of State and the privileged few because the Sphinx has been surrounded by a high wall that protects it from the ravages of tourism. Tourists are not allowed into the compound and have to content themselves with a view from afar. The wall still allows you a fantastic view of the Sphinx, but you can’t walk around it or touch its ancient stones.

Travellers always have that one “must see” place in their travel goals. Recently, the opportunity of a lifetime came along which was to travel to Egypt on a privately escorted tour, to not only discover its archaeological secrets, but also the ancient spiritual culture of this mystical land. The tour itinerary promised that, should I travel to Egypt 100 times on a normal tour, I would not see and experience Egypt the way I was going to on this tour. Not many tours could live up to that grand statement but this one did.


Rhonnda Fritz, Mt Crosby, QLD

" The exclusivity of the trip, the flexibility and the quality of the organisers were all first rate.  We genuinely thought we would not have seen nor appreciated Egypt as much if we had tried to do a trip ourselves.

Roberta – I had high expectations of the trip and you met all of them – the service was excellent (even down to not having to lift a suitcase for the entire trip) and everything we hoped for and more.

Thank you so much – both Vicki and I hope to return to Egypt again as the tour and the Egyptian people had that much of an impact on us."

Ross Campbell, Kinross, WA

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