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NLP Master Practitioner - Testimonials


I not only have the knowledge and skills to be an effective leading NLP Master Practitioner to help my clients, but also have all the business and marketing ideas to run a practice and source clients. QC Seminars offer the very best in complete NLP Training from Practitioner level through Master Practitioner to NLP Trainer. QC Seminars also offer the student a series of actual business opportunities complete with business model, marketing and skills set to immediately allow you to take your skills and apply them in the market place for great financial rewards. QC Seminars offer the complete package.


Peter Heaven


I have learnt to apply many techniques during this course which have helped me to let go of  a number of limiting beliefs and decisions. I have also learnt to install positive goals and visualize a brighter future which is achievable. I feel confident to apply NLP for may others who come my way. Both George and Nick were very inspiring. I will watch the DVD’s to help me further.


Rajini Arulanathan

"I have processed SOOO much – found issues I didn’t even know existed, well limiting behaviours!!! I am excited about watching the future unfold and my future goals (visions) becoming reality! The setting, the atmosphere, the content covered, all excellent. Many many thanks to Quantum Change Seminars and all associated with QC. "

Cynthya Popperwell

"NLP is life enhancing and life changing. Thank you Nick an George for 6 days of insightful teaching. You have a warmth in your style that touches everyone in your audience."

Leonie O’Connell

"This course delivers just what it promised. Comprehensive training, loads of practical experience and fun fun fun!"

Ann Beck

"It is a beautiful experience. I have met so many wonderful people and that’s what NLP is about, having a human experience, NLP helps us realize how much more we can be , through others. NLP is a decision. I have decided that when I go out into the world amazing things will happen."

Jeremy Walker

"I now know where I want to go, who I want to be and how to get there!! I am truly happy with everything, the training and I have met some pretty amazing people along the way. I have an amazing connection with myself now and I can’t wait to go back to Perth and start my journey. Thank You!"

Keti Trajanovska

"Although I had a pretty good idea of where I was heading before this course, not only did it cement the fantastic knowledge I had absorbed in the NLP Practitioner course, but also it allowed me to discover some new skills (a whole bunch of really good stuff) plus remove some potentially limiting belief. I can now see things differently and far more vividly. WOW! Exciting times ahead!!!"

Tony Inman

"It was very empowering and lots of useful information a richer way of seeing life. Nick and George are beautiful mentors."

Peter Wetters

"Nick LeFore and George Faddoul are two gentlemen with huge hearts and great wisdom. This training should be available in schools and then we would create a more evolved world."

Virginia Ryan

"This is one of the best NLP Trainings I’ve been too, if you are into changing your life and want to learn NLP this is definitely a great investment and you learn so much. Make the change while you can and make lifetime friends. "

Gary Barrow

"I have learnt a lot , met a lot of people and made new goals and am so excited to put my thoughts, ideas, dreams on paper and start spreading my love thru teaching people about our greatest gift LOVE. OH…and I’m coming back to do the Trainers Training. AMAZING!"

Ricardo Afonso

"I learned some very valuable process and techniques which I can integrate into my daily life. I now have a heightened awareness of the language I use and the language of others and options to respond. I have met many great “new friends” with whom I’ll keep in contact. Thanks to George, Nick and Roberta along with the QC “Crew” for a great 6 days! Fabulous!"

Pamela Gee

"I have been exposed to a deep level of the working of the mind. How limiting/positive beliefs and behaviours are formed and the subsequent methods to find ideal outcomes were explored in detail. My neurology has expanded and I am a completely different person since I have challenged my beliefs and behaviours. Thank you!"

Sean Davis

"I have gained skills to help myself and others. With this new knowledge I can now release more of my potential as a human being. The techniques to help clear old un-productive and limiting belief systems is such a powerful tool have. Just this alone has made it worth the investment. All made possible because George and Nick who are such teachers who have made the process informative and fun. NLP skills are for everyone. I wish I had these skills when I was in school. If you want to realize your potential, invest in yourself by doing this training."

David Lukas

"I now have an amazing library of resources to help me fulfill my goals in life while helping others. I believe these resources can be used in all areas of my life on a daily basis. I know all these resources are within and available when I need them at any given time therefore it is self reliant. That is a gift worth receiving!"

Michelle McLeod

"It got me way out of my “familiar” zone – formerly my “comfort” zone. I have obtained so much new information and skills and also had confirmation of what I already instinctively knew. Thank Goerge for pointing out that money does need to be a focus for me! And thanks Nick and George for pushing my buttons, challenging my beliefs, giving me a fun environment to di it in and send me home with a new confidence I only thought other could have."

Rosemary Price.

"It was life changing for myself and other and opened my mind and learnt new ways of communicating and understanding my and other people’s real needs in every situation. The training and exercises were easy for anyone to do and there were people from all walks of life equipped with new skills that can be used at home, in relationship, at work, in study, in social situations, in every aspect of life. The trainers were genuine and so were the students. A great experience that I would recommend that everyone do."

Neil Graham

"The skills and techniques that I learnt in the Master Practitioner Training will be invaluable in my work both as a natural therapist and as a teacher. On a personal level and in my life within the family and community my communication skills can only improve as I implement the things I have learnt."

Lorraine Parry

"It helped me get things out of my life that I had been hanging onto for a very long time, the thought I had got rid of. Was a great relief to get all limiting beliefs out of my system as well. Ask and you shall receive its amazing how when we open to receiving how the universe delivers. A BIG THANK to Nick, George and everyone at QC Seminars."

Liz Allen

"I leave with the most precious gift to move forward with the baggage removed and the tools to enjoy life in a happy, prosperous and generous way. I am ready to share the gift into world."

Stefan Galamaga

"I learned so many processes that can be applied so readily and easily in everyday situations, it was awesome. It made me realize how we can be carrying baggage from past experiences we sometimes don’t even know we have and how they can be released by following the NLP process. It was knowledgeable, informative, open and very fulfilling. I am now so willing and excited about moving forward in helping myself and others in the future."

Barbara Houghton

"The experience has been a wonderful opportunity to stretch myself in the direction I have been seeing for a long time. Tim is an incredible trainer and I’m astounded by his passion. I’ve gained so much and can’t wait to use it."

Sara Dobson, Bramston Beach, QLD

"I am on my way to creating my new future."

Jenny Campbell, Cremorne NSW

"Tim is brilliant in his application of NLP. Watching Tim work is amazing, I highly recommend you take every opportunity you can to participate in his training. He is a wealth of information and so willing to guide you. Thank you Tim, QC Seminars and NLP you changed my life."

Anna Antono, Parkdale, VIC

"Tim was the most incredible trainer. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to train with him. I got so much out of it and it was the most fantastic 9 days. Don’t think about it just do it!!"

Pamela Course, Melton South, VIC

"It has changed my life. I feel so much more focused, motivated and joyful about my future and peaceful about my past challenges. These techniques are just so powerful, so simple and so applicable to every area of my life. I wish I knew about them when I was 20! I know I can use these techniques to help my mentoring students. Thanks so much Tim – you’re an inspiration!"

Suzy Greene, Bateau Bay, NSW

"It was a life changing experience. It is so simple to change your life experience for the better. I found out things about myself that I never imagined and have confidence to bring new things into my life. Tim was an inspiration!"

Debra Inverarity, Research, VIC

"I know it has been life changing – for me, for my kids, for everyone that I come into contact with and for that I am grateful. Thank you."

Kylie Swain, Castlemaine, VIC

"Tim presented the overview first and consistently ‘layered in’ the information and practical techniques. Great demonstrations and time to put it into action for yourself which helped consolidate my learnings. Tim leads with congruency, calmness and generosity of spirit. Very inspirational!! "

Kay Berry, Coogee, NSW

"Thanks so much for the warm, loving, safe environment to learn. I have learnt so much about my habits of patterning and locking myself in un-resourceful states. NLP gave me amazing skills and techniques for change. "

Ian Walters, Manly, NSW

"Tim has a wealth and depth of knowledge that he shares in an amazing easy way to comprehend and put in practice. Thank you, Tim and QC Seminars. "

Nigel Archer, Thorton, NSW

"All this information is life changing. I have really enjoyed every aspect of this training course and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of it. "

Pamela Ann Pradella, Earlwood, NSW

"Tim is an excellent presenter he is calm and confident and made us all feel at ease and eager to learn. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve themselves, their business interactions or if you want to become an NLP Practitioner. "

Wendy Adams, Kensington, NSW

"I felt as though I shared each demonstration with Tim. Tim has a wonderful connection with everyone. "

Patricia Wegert, Stanmore, NSW

"He is simply amazing. From the moment he walked into the room he built rapport with not just myself but for everyone in the room. Tim has a great and unique way of teaching and demonstrating NLP. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer / mentor. Tim’s great =) "

Orine Silveira, Greystanes, NSW

"Tim took the time to develop rapport with everyone in the room. He ‘maintained’ this rapport throughout every day… the rest just flowed! Tim’s voice is very appealing and easy to listen to – consequently I feel I was focused for the entire length of the course. Tim’s balance of teaching and practice was excellent. His demonstrations were clear and sequential. He took time to check that everyone understood the impending practice. It was fantastic!! "

Carol Tulberg, Research, VIC

"Tim has a way of delivering the content and context of the material – the training that I absorbed most out of many trainings I have attended "

Milly Kifa, Gymea, NSW

"It was a fantastic learning and experimental time! Tim is super! So is Kris – skilled, compassionate trainers and practitioners who clearly really love what they do! I have gained so much deep knowledge from this. "

Barbara Aldrich, Hamilton DC, NSW

"Tim Hallbom is a true master communicator and trainer. I have enjoyed and benefited so much from this training. Thank you."

Daniel Swan, Goonellabah, NSW

"I have learnt a lot about myself and how I think that I didn’t know. I feel that I can communicate with others on a much higher level."

Neil Calvert, Bankstown Square, NSW

"Tim was a great teacher who taught in such a way that EVERYONE GOT IT!! The course itself allows time to practice and revisit NLP techniques with ease. Thanks Tim."

Jane Rowland, Carrara, QLD

"Tim is a terrific trainer. The way he teaches is so smooth and effortless that it’s almost like being in a trainer. Thank you George, Roberta, Tim and everyone"

Vince Scatturo, Lewisham, NSW

"Tim is able to teach things in a way that is easy to do and made the learning light and meaningful. Learning NLP is the beginning of a new way of relating to myself and others. Tim is easy to approach and authentic!! Thanks Tim "

Florence Julian-Tivoli, Wentworth Falls, NSW

"Tim is such a powerful presenter. His teaching technique was well structured and flowed beautifully. The fact that I don’t doze off during his talks is a testimonial in itself. A very enlightening experience, Tim has a beautiful ‘presence’ "

Sarjit Tory, Rouse Hill, NSW

"It gave me access to resources for improving my life in every area that I never knew was available. It’s the secret to the ‘secret’! "

Mark Smith, Orange, NSW

"You are given tools that transform your life and you can use these to transform the lives of others. It’s adaptable to personal and business contexts. There’s something for everyone. "

Louise Whitehead, Toowong, QLD

"Tim is an awesome presenter I learnt so much about myself at a deeper level. The new techniques I learnt will take every area of my life. Thank you Tim – awesome! "

Janice McNamara, Kanahooka, NSW

"I’ve finally found a material with no ceiling, with high quality substance that I can commit to knowing it will improve the quality of my life and everyone around me. Tim is outstanding. Thank you all at Quantum Change. "

Ray Scarlett, Lara, VIC

"I went through learning experience which have helped me to heal and see the positive purpose behind every set back. I’ve felt inner space I haven’t felt since trekking in Himalayas. Creating this inner space has allowed me in Sydney City rush hour. I thank you for this experience! It was a great journey taken together. "

Mika Hasebe, Sydney, NSW

"It was fun and easy to follow. Tim really helps me see the importance of setting my intent daily and then experience that in my day. "

Lenise Appleyard, Crows Nest, NSW

"It has been a wonderful experience in that I was able to learn a lot of useful strategies to achieve my goals in life in a way that is ecological and fun. All the best and thank you. "

Jeffery Tang, Earlwood, NSW

"Tim is a good presenter, his explanations are clear, very helpful and he found the time to communicate with the group. "

Mariange Zimmer, Oxley, QLD

"Tim Hallbom is a fantastic trainer, explains things clearly and is a patient teacher. "

Lyn Austen, Philip DC Woden, ACT

"Of the depth and experience he was able to pass on to myself and others in a way that internalised that
experience so that it had the maximum probability of lasting and growing. "

Gary Filshie, Camberwell West, VIC

"I have learnt simple and reproducible processes that are deeply healing and creative. I can apply this to all areas of my life and to the lives of my loved ones and clients. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity. Thank you. "

Rosemary Hirst, Leichhardt, NSW

"He was superb as was everyone else. "

Rob Brunt, Ashmore, QLD

"Tim connected with me and communicated the processes expertly and painlessly. "

David Burrell, Richmond, NSW

"Tim has released and made accessing my new found talents easy. I will go forth with great vigour assisting others. Writing now is a talent of mine to work my ideas onto paper for others to gain. Thanks Tim. "

Monica Burrell, Richmond, NSW

"Tim’s gentle, relaxed voice during the Master Training Program gave me full encouragement and his amazing knowledge, information and practical help gave me great opportunities to understand and confront all the information I was receiving. I learnt things a lot faster as I practised with him. He helped me open the door of resources and breaking free the limits in my brain that create completely new perceptions for my future. My biggest challenge is when you decide something new and get that feeling of adventure you look in the right direction. Your work is amazing. Thank you,"

Marika Barna, Kellyville, NSW

"Tim is one of the most engaging thought-provoking, amazing teachers and guide I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His style and delivery of clear, soft & extremely powerful methods are a beautiful demonstration of the immediate impact that NLP creates! Thank you Tim & Quantum Change Seminars for making time to organise the Master Practitioner Certification Training – it is a must for all who love to learn! "

Annette Dubow, Sydney, NSW

"Tim is breathtakingly outstanding as a trainer. I have learnt so much, I have gained so much and I feel empowered as an NLP Practioner and a trainer Thanks Roberta! Thanks Tim! Thanks Kris!"

Mandy Moore, Annerley, QLD

Now I have so much more that I can share with people in my life, whether they are students, clients or friends. Tim and Kris provide such a wealth and depth of understanding. I love the way they share their wisdom and experience so freely. Roberta’s seminars are always great value; this one surpasses them all. "

Danuta Hosowicz, Mosman, NSW

"Tim Hallbom is the real deal! He is the greatest example of a walking NLP presenter that I have experienced. The material delivered in Tim’s smooth way is an experience that pleases all levels of my senses. I feel that the effects will be life changing. Thank you Tim! "

Carol Hutchinson, Victoria Point, QLD

"Tim is one of the masters in presentation skills and has the ability to be with the group and truly understand the questions and answer them directly and completely. "

Stephen Leake, Endeavor Hills, VIC

"Tim has given me so many skills and techniques to use in life and training. Thanks Tim and Roberta. "

Jonathan Stern, Moray Fields, QLD

"He is an amaaaaaazing trainer. I have learnt sooo much and experienced even more! The most informative, fun and creative training I have ever experienced. Thank you sooo much Tim and QC Seminars! "

Angeleah Anton, Balwyn, VIC

"The content of his training was amazingly useful and specific. Tim is a great warm and approachable trainer with a deep understanding for the needs of his audience. The material was presented in a very straightforward manner and it will be up to us to implement it into our life. Everything we learnt will be useful in our lives. Thank you Roberta and George for giving us this opportunity for growth. "

Hana Rubinstejnova, Ashgrove, QLD

"Tim is a master at what he does. A trainer that truly walks the talk! A trainer that truly makes learning easy. A trainer of the most integrated state. Thank you Tim! "

Janelle Coggan, Nelson Bay, NSW

"I have wanted to train and do presentations but held an inner resistance. Tim Hallbom overcame this resistance with a well structured, focused program where everyone successfully presented from within. "

Glenn McKean, Palm Beach, QLD

"Tim is an awesome trainer and I learnt so much just being there. I can’t imagine a better guide to take my NLP skills to the next level. I can now go back and teach these fantastic skills and concepts wherever I need to and know that I am deepening my own mastery at the same time. Thanks to Tim and QC Seminars this is transformational stuff! "

Keith Price, Narrabundah, ACT

"When it comes to NLP, there could only be a handful of people in the world that have Tim’s skills in communicating at all levels, all aspects of NLP, its practice and how to use it effectively in training. I am more than appreciative of the opportunity to attend my second extensive session with Tim. "

Garry Filshie, Camberwell West, VIC

"The learning has been fantastic. I can see myself using what we learnt in many situations from small group presentations to large audiences. "

Boaz Gilboa, Caufield North, VIC

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