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Testimonials - NLP Trainers Training

"This course has greatly expanded my understanding of NLP and I am especially looking forward to following the 30 day action plan and to incorporate my training into my every day life. Thank you George. "

Karl Robertson, Croydon, NSW

" Thank you very much. A useful, fun filled four days. I truly believe it will enhance my life in all levels. "

Catherine De Carlo, Marayong, NSW

" It has been truly awesome – I have learned a great range of tools and with other participants put them into practice. This has taken me to some life-changing outcomes. Naturally, I am REALLY looking forward to Master Practitioner. "

Steve McNally, Lane Cove, NSW

" It reinforced what I had learnt in previous seminars and clarified much of what I was previously unsure of. It was great. "

Graham Withers, Kelso, NSW

" I benefited from changes I was able to make during the course exercises and was able to observe the benefits on others. So I know these techniques work and this gives me confidence in doing Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes and setting up a business to help others in similar ways. "

Heather Kerr, Laggan, NSW

" I am so glad to have this course because I have gained so much from it. I will be eternally grateful to George Faddoul. I only wish to come back to get more benefits from further courses. God bless George, his family and co-workers for all their help. "

Norman D, Noble Park, VIC

" It has been an amazing experience. Everyone at QC is so wonderful. I can’t wait to get stuck into my 30 day manual. Thank you George and Roberta, you really are wonderful!!! "

Janet W, Ballarat, VIC

"I’m a hypnotherapist and I love what I do. But I know there was more for me to accomplish. This course has helped me figure out my path and I know once I complete Quit Smoking, I’m going to earn the desired income I have been wanting. I feel fantastic. George, you are an inspiration. Thank you for this journey, I look forward to crossing paths with you and Roberta again. "

Husna P, Bulleen, VIC

" I have gained a greater understanding of human life. George’s knowledge is amazing and the staff is fabulous. This is the type of stuff that everybody should know. Everybody should have a basic knowledge of this! Teach it in schools! "

Sheridan S, Frankston, VIC

" I found George’s presentation style. His knowledge and his dedication to NLP processes created on environment set to hold our interest throughout. I am confident I can use these principles in my life and work arenas. "

Pauline H, Clagiraba, QLD

" It’s given me a deeper understanding of the human. The mind and everything we do. This should be taught in schools. Thanks heaps! "

Brad S, Launceston, TAS

" I now have the tools to make a better life and create an even better future. Better still the course has unlocked confusions I have has relating to relationships and communications with friends and others. "

Narelle B, Woy Woy, NSW

" This really has been life-changing in many ways and on many levels. Personally it’s given me the tools I need to start my business. Personally, it’s helped me get rid of phobias and issues.
Thank you so much George – your deliver the content in such an inspiring way. "

Shalom P, Sydney, NSW

" The training was top notch, comprehensive and enlightening. It was well worth the pittance that was charged for the event. I am very happy that I had this opportunity to learn from such an obvious expert in the field, who helped me understand the full breadth and depth of this fascinating subject. Thank you QC Seminars, and thank you George – you really are a phenomenon – wise and charismatic and wonderfully generous! "

Shani Raja, Ultimo, NSW

" Very thought provoking, fantastic tools and models. A completely good way to communicate. Well presented, easy going relaxing conference. Excellent all round."

John Vandyk, Kellyville, NSW

"It gave me insights and a direction to move forward. Thanks George and Roberta for the great opportunity! "

Anna Pye, Laggan, NSW

" Amazing, enlightening!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. "

Rose Pallo, Randwick, NSW

" I have been exposed o a different way of communicating with others. These skills will be beneficial in all areas of my life."

Priscilla Chapman, Woy Woy, NSW

" It was very informative and fun. These 4 days have added to my life and I will not see many things / people and situations the same way again. A very big thank you for allowing me to participate. "

S. Satton, Kograh, NSW

" Quantum Change Seminars has been so fantastic I’ve had more fun and learnt so much here than any other seminar I’ve done to date, that’s why I’m doing the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes training to learn more… Thank you again. "

Kate McWilliam Deprez, Hurlston Park, NSW

" I have a new direction and it has woken me up and I’m looking at a new business – Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes. Great intimate atmosphere and friendly. George is a great presenter and I will be recommending this to others."

Marwyn Assaf, Burwood Heights, NSW

" George is amazing. He makes the concepts simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much for offering this course at a scholarship price – an opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of otherwise. I enjoyed the company of the people. Real value. Real skills. Very open and easy to understand. Thank you QC Seminars! You have opened a whole new world of possibilities."

Kresant Mahkall, Homebush South, NSW

" I’ve learnt so much about myself, it’s made it all more concrete for me, and I realise I can achieve anything and everything I put my mind to. It’s given me even more challenges to play with and show the world, they can be, do, have anything they want, appreciating everything, where they are, and to have fun with all that they believe they can have. Because, after all a belief is only a thought, I keep thinking. So thank you."

Kelvin Lee Ozanne, Rushcutters Bay, NSW

" This really has been life-changing in many ways and on many levels. Personally it’s given me the tools I need to start my business. Personally, it’s helped me get rid of phobias and issues.
Thank you so much George – your deliver the content in such an inspiring way. "

Janice Hogg, Maianbar, NSW

"George reminded me how amazing we are as humans, how complicated and simple we are. Change doesn’t have to be hard or complicated it can happen in an instant. What a gift! Thank you from my heart. "

Kylie Gibb, Chittaway Bay, NSW

"It was a wonderful and positive training environment. George’s presentations were powerful and his knowledge about NLP is truly mind blowing. Thanks heaps to George and all the QC Seminars crew."

Johanna Bueno, NSW

"It is a fantastic training. Even after a whole day of training I felt energized until late at night. I loved the presenter’s energy. The examples George provided were excellent. I feel very grateful and privileged for having the opportunity to attend this scholarship. I’ve also connected with two lovely people, my team buddies which I’m sure I’ll stay in touch with. Thank you soooo much. "

Christiane Alber, Bondi Beach, NSW

"Amazing experience which has opened my mind to a NEW and EXCITING future. Thank you George for sharing your skills and knowledge and most importantly your wisdom."

David Scioscia, Wollongong, NSW

"I have loved every minute of this past 4 day experience with a fabulous presenter. George, you are brilliant and inspirational. I hate mornings yet the past 4 were easily faced as I was excited about the day ahead. I have now booked in for both the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes and Million Dollar Speaker Trainings taking place next week. George you have created a QC addict!"

Mary Shalala, Wentworth Falls, NSW

" TIt was such fun! So much ground was covered – I had so many revelations with problems that have bugged me for years, so many healings. Such generosity. I am 77 years old and usually have a granny nap but my energy lasted (assisted by coffee which I don’t usually drink) until the end. It was great, you are all so very generous. God bless you all! "

Wendi Levi, Bundeena, NSW

" I met a lot of great people. Too many to name – from George to John Smith  Gained new insights, realigned and reignited myself at the core. This was WAY MORE than just NLP. Thank you. "

J Rucuchy, NSW

"I have gained loads of fantastic strategies to communicate better to the most important people in my life and career. This has broadened my horizons and given me superb skills and changed my outlook on life, people and myself! Thank you. "

Raneen Ghazal, Blacktown, NSW

" It took me out of my box giving me an opportunity to see myself in so many more contexts. Without the significance but instead expanded me to take in so much more with so many more reframing and making quantum changes. Thank you for that opportunity each and everyone of you."

Rachael Mayne, Laggan, NSW

" This opportunity has opened doors for me to search my dreams come true. I am grateful for your service to allow me to move forward. Thank you so so so much. I am worth a million dollars now with the knowledge and book I take with me back to Melbourne. "

Indrani Allen, Wonga Park, NSW

" NLP Practitioner Seminar has by far exceeded my expectations. The sincerity of George Faddoul has shined throughout the whole seminar. My horizons have been expanded and when all the information we received has settled in and been practiced enough there is no saying where the newly acquired knowledge will take me and my nearest and dearest. "

Alexandra Gan, Pymble, NSW

" Impressive! This is an amazing four days filled with information and entertainment. I am so glad I enrolled and come along. "

Stuart Gordon, Ryde, NSW

" This is the most fantastic and comprehensive course I have attended. I recommend it to everyone you need to bring all your family, friends and associates because you can learn all the skills to make your life better. "

Joseph Ripolles, Casula, NSW

" Big thank you to Roberta, George the guest speakers and the amazing crew! Over the past 4 days I have learnt so much about myself it’s just beyond words! "

Christopher Gillett, Chatswood, NSW

" It was more than I expected, 4 days whizzed by – I am encouraged by how quickly the exercises / tools have already become part of my automatic responses! I am ready to incorporate these new / ancient principles into my Wellness Practice and have 6 people who will be receiving the info on your extra – ordinary ‘initiation’ 4 day intensive scholarship offer – AND they will have that invitation in their hands by the end of this week. "

Deborah Cooper, Port Macquarie, NSW

"It was very well explained. The steps were logical. Made me aware I am the driver of the bus!! "

Fawzia, NSW

" It was an enlightening, revealing and educative process which I enjoyed thoroughly. I’ve also got wonderful resources in the NLP program and the 30 day action plan to progress, reinforce and practice my learning. George you are a master story teller and a brilliant teacher and your humility is inspiring. Thank you for this life changing opportunity which I treasure. "

Frederick Prins, St Clair, NSW

" It has helped me broaden my perception about the world around me in several folds. I have learned so many tools / techniques that I can use in my workplace / personal life for a better outcome. I am thankful to Roberta for providing me this opportunity to participate in this 4 days training program and huge thanks to George. He is among the best speakers / motivators I have met so far. I am your fan now George!!   Thank you!! "

Lab Raj Bohara, Ryde, NSW

"Your training reinforced and revisited my previous exposure to NLP and provided new and extremely useful insights and strategies. Thanks George!! Thanks QC Seminars team!! "

Stefan Von Mergl-Grote, Kenthurst, NSW

" I learned many effective hands on strategies to help myself and others which can be used for a variety of personal development situations. The theory as a basis for these techniques was delivered clearly, professionally and the whole four day experience was uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable. A big thank you. "

Kim Papapavlou, Turramurra, NSW

"NLP is a phenomenal model of personal and professional development which I find practical to learn and use. It credits the originators of all other models it has inherited programs from and honours its founders. It has helped me immensely as a therapist and personally. Thank you George, I recommend it always. "

Affie Adaglo, NSW

" I have now got the tools to become more articulate and to teach my children a new wonderful way at looking at life. A brand new adventure has just begun. Thank you. "

Martin Wrighton, Valley Heights, NSW

" This is my first time and it has given me a new lease in my life. It’s been wonderful. Thank you for every thing. Many blessing. "

Jennifer Wood, Claremont Meadows, NSW

" This has really helped me in changing my perceptions and improving the various aspects of my life. George is a really good teacher and has explained the various concepts in an ‘easy to understand’ manner, demystified the whole thing. I can see that I will be performing at a much higher level in my personal and business life on completion of this training. "

April Nurse, Pyrmont, NSW

" George was a fantastic speaker with a lot of energy and charisma. I especially loved learning the models in particular the anchoring model. I now feel more confident that I have some tools in my arsenal to make myself a better person and to help my family and friends. I can’t wait for Master Practitioner next year and further bolster my skills and tools. "

Anthony Maurici, Glenhaven, NSW

"I am so glad I completed the QC Seminars i-NLP Practitioner because you have allowed us to see into ourselves and understand ourselves and others so much better. You have given us tools we can use in class, with ourselves and with others to free ourselves from being stuck in areas of our lives. This is personal empowerment, this is being able to help facilitate other people’s empowerment and becoming happier and having a greater life because of it. I am a freer person now. Thank you QC Seminars. "

David Cook, Darlinghurst, NSW

" This training was very comprehensive and covered everything promised. The material is good and complete. George is a wonderful trainer. My suggestion is George teaches people to keep the constant smile for many hours during 4 days and how can you smile with your eyes by the way? "

Bicudo, NSW

" It has given me wonderful tools to use in my everyday living. By changing myself I will be able to change others around me because I AM DRIVING THE BUS! George Faddoul you are such an extremely good speaker and I’ve benefited greatly from coming to this 4 day seminar. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You captured my attention completely. "

Sherine Prins, St Clair, NSW

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