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Quit Testimonials

" I am SO glad I attended the Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes™ training to become a specialist hypnotherapist because: It was thorough in its coverage; it inspired via the secret and it did not disappoint in any way!"

Marnie Q, Bonalbo, NSW

" I can now focus on something that is going to get me out of the rat race and become my own boss, earn me good money and move towards my goals! It’s given me everything I need to be successful i just have to go and do it!!"

Nick T, Rozelle, NSW

" It is the first step to achieving my goal. The whole system is complete; everything you need is attended to and covered."

Pearl F, Ashmore, QLD

" I got so much more then I ever expected. I also have the confidence to start this business and be completely successful. Another bonus in meeting and being in the presence of such wonderful people as George, Roberta, Jamie and the rest of the team, as well as the other participants during the last incredible 4 days"

Romi H, Mermaid Beach, QLD

" It’s a great system that has everything in it; I just have to go and make it happen and make a thousand and more dollars a day."

Echo Q, Hurstville, NSW

" I can now see myself making over $1000 per day working 2 days per week and establishing myself financially so I can powerfully invest in even greater prosperity, pay off my mortgage, contribute to my chosen charities and have the freedom to pursue all my interests and continue to nurture my relationship with my wife."

Stef S, Hahndorf, SA

" I understand now what hypnosis is all about and now I can definitely retire from my night shifts nursing and get more of an income I need in less hours of work. I can now help people to put extra in their lives and enjoy their family and have better health."

Flora B, Melbourne, VIC

" I am now a non smoker and ready to start the business which will change my life. Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes hypnotherapist specialist has a nice ring to it – I LIKE IT!"

Val K, Worongary, QLD

" To help others to a better life and healthier future by quitting as I have in 60 minutes and to have all the tools I need and the knowledge to use them to Quit Cigerettes in 60 minutes."

Mamoun E, Warrimoo, NSW

" It has given me the belief that I can succeed and create a work/life balance that works for me and at the same time help people to also improve and take back control of their lives by quitting smoking."

Helena B, Enmore, NSW

" This has certainly given me a great WOW factor! For I now have a new path to help people and attract extra prosperity and money into my life.
It has been a very comprehensive system and the wonderful trainers have covered all bases.I feel encouraged empowered and LOVING IT! Thank you George, Jamie and Roberta!"

Murray J, Emu Plains, NSW

" It allows for me to fulfil a dream that i have had for many years being a hypnotherapist and helping people in a powerful way the training was magnificently put together with everything i can possible need to succeed in my “Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes” specialist business. Thank you Roberta, George and Jamie for your knowledge skills and passion in making all this available and possible!"

Aprile A, Emu Plains, NSW

It fits perfectly with what I want, where I’m heading and my skils so far. It allows the steps and freedom necessary to make it all happen. Especially the business/ marketing aspects – these are excellent!"

Kay S, Katoomba, NSW

" You have changed my whole outlook for my future. I now have direction; I have learnt so much. I WILL be successful and I WILL Make $1000 a day."

Karen W, Mitcham, VIC

" It has pinpointed a wonderful insight into earnig a great deal of money easily. The course is great; it is easy to follow and also to implement as long as you follow all the simple steps"

Angeline C, Eaglehawk, VIC

" I am REARING to go. I’ve got all I need that has NEVER happened in other courses. It all belongs to me and the lucky Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Clients THANK YOU"

Ann B, Melbourne, VIC

" It has shown me a great way to establish financial independence while at the same time fulfilling one of my life’s aims: HELPING PEOPLE! (and indeed giving me resources to do more of it)"

Jan H, Mosman, NSW

" It has become a part of my life plan; goals to become financially independent to build on future investments to be incredibly wealthy and to become time rich. Thank you for helping me to achieve these goals."

Andrea L, Woodford, VIC

"I have realised that I wasn’t marketing my services effectively, which was frustrating when looking at my financial situation. That got even worse after my shoulder reconstruction surgery. The work I used to do was quite physical in nature and now I have many more options how I can gain more time for myself while increasing the amount in my bank account and use the skills learnt here in any other future prospects and avenues I will also do. "

Boris Z, Heathcote, NSW

"It has transformed my belief about where I can take my business. This is so simple and so thoroughly resourced that anyone who does it can achieve business success (just follow the script)! My family and I are so grateful for what you have imparted to me. Thank you. "

Barbara A, Hamilton DC, NSW

"I believe this system works and will provide success and wealth, not only for me, but also for my clients. I feel confident in using the Quit Cigarettes in 60 mins program and look forward to having lots of fun and saving lives. "

Vicki A, Waterloo, NSW

"It has truly given me every tool I need to go out there and make it happen! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to start! The universe is just dying to give me everything I want! This training has been such an amazing opportunity! I’m so grateful! Thank you so much!!! "

Vicky A, Randwick, NSW

"The course has delivered SO much more than I expected. I feel that I have grown as an individual over the past few days. I also feel very positive and empowered to go forward and achieve all of my dreams (starting with Egypt in December!). I am very glad to be alive. Thank you Roberta for enabling me to be here. Thank you George for being such an inspirational force. Wishing you every happiness and may all of your dreams come true. "

Sally A, Woodend, VIC

"I am now a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes specialist AND now a non-smoker. The secret is out! This is how it’s done, whoever seriously wants to do this – DO IT! This is the “freedom” I have always wanted, financial, lifestyle and health. "

Treena B, Bradbury, NSW

"It will change my life. Making $1,000 or more a day and loving what I do. "

Ralf B, Maroubra Beach, NSW

"The whole business in a box provided the confidence to know I can go “out there” and make the business happen. Having all the material at my fingertips – re marketing and the script for the 1 hour hypnotherapy session – screams this is doable!!!
Thank you immensely. "

Kay B, Coogee, NSW

"It is congruent with my vision to help people.
The complete business plan has given me the knowledge and resources to have the confidence to start my business in saving lives. How exciting!!!
I’ve made some great friends and look forward to continuing our relationship as professionals making more than $1,000 per day and absolutely loving it!"

Anthony C, Kingsville, VIC

"It has given me the confidence to go out and do something that I CAN do and that is “help people quit cigarettes in 60 minutes” and offer a lifetime guarantee. "

Irene C, NSW

"I am filled with certainty that I can go out and do this – effortlessly. I look forward to telling you about my first $3,000 day! "

Jennifer C, Kew, VIC

"It’s been a great seminar with a simple and very good set up system which allows me to be making $1,000 or more a day with what I love doing NLP/hypnosis to empower people’s quality of life. I already have 4 lined up people interested in quit cigarettes plus 3 referral agents. "

Dario C, Redfern, NSW

"I have learnt that I become what I think about. I have learnt business skills and have a business that I can put into practiced without trauma. I will be helping people and getting paid for doing so. A win-win situation. "

Penelope E, Ashfield, NSW

"I finally have a doable, easy proven method for creating my preferred financial destiny! Thank you so much QC Seminars. "

William F, Maribyrnong, VIC

"It has been fun, uplifting and inspiring. It has reignited belief in myself to utilise the power of the universe to achieve whatever I want – both in this “Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes” seminar and in other areas of my life and the business will be a testing/proving ground from where I can go on and achieve ever greater things. I look forward with more belief and determination to enjoying living an abundance life where I’m in control. "

Narelle G, Cooranbong, NSW

"It has really opened my eyes to the potential to establish this easy business. The combination of marketing, practice and therapy is a great practical mix to help me! "

Brian G, Kellyville, NSW

"I can make $1,000+ per day working 2 days a week and my lifestyles will change from now on. I have learnt so much in this seminar and I am having so much fun out of this. "

Margaret G, Kellyville, NSW

"I can see how I can establish a profitable practice using the business model provided. I look forward to being, doing, having the outcomes you have suggested in the training. "

Bret H, Davistown, NSW

"It is an excellent program which covers all the aspects of the business, as well as the natural laws that govern success. In addition, it was fund, uplifting and truly from the heart. A great gift I was able to give myself – thank you so much. "

Rosie H, Leichhardt, NSW

"It has given me a step by step program to begin my business with the material I can begin with today. The hard work has already been done and now I can move ahead to begin to grow my practice. "

George K, Pasco Vale South, VIC

"It has been the best training I have attended, EVER. I feel TOTALLY confident in achieving my dreams both within my business and my personal life. See you in Egypt! "

Jennifer K, Ashbourne, VIC

"It glues together all the good things of my learnings and training, into a simple succinct and practical contribution to self and others. The vehicle by which I can have more than enough to become an outrageously generous giver. With freedom to enjoy life and life abundantly. Thank you, Lord of the Harvest and QC . "

Carole L, Labrador, QLD

"I now have the confidence, skills and marketing tools to change my life and profession. The complete package has made my business easy to start and easy to grow while doing something I absolutely love. "

Julia L, Roseanna, VIC

"I feel empowered enough this time (yes I have tried everything under the sun!) to be a non-smoker for life. I liked the technique because it focused on the positives of this change and had the security of a lifetime guarantee and auditors have got me through! It is also the first time a practitioner has clearly explained how hypnosis works and finished the session believing I would be successful and they believed in my success too.
Thank you for 14 years ore lift and freeing me of the stress of being a SECRET smoker. "

Mary M, Manly, NSW

"It has been filled with life changing laws and principles. I don’t smoke but I now can reverse my age 10 years and live a fun retirement doing what I love: saving lives and prospering without the aged pension. "

Noel M, QLD

"I now have the confidence to create the future I desire and the skills with which to do so. Having learnt a special secret, I can take to the world a prosperity consciousness that will help create abundance for all. "

Lance M, Mulgrave, VIC

"To help loved one stop smoking.
Getting new knowledge.
I can get more income.
This training is open eyes training. "

Sahar E, Safat, Kuwait

"It has given me a new option to do what I LOVE but also to make $1,000 per day or more. Your marketing plan is excellent and I will be using it to improve my existing business also. "

Julianna R, Neutral Bay, NSW

"I learnt so much about how the mind works and it has also helped me become more aware of things I need to change in my life. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. "

Sam R, Ashgrove, QLD

"It has opened my eyes to so many possibilities, it has really stretched my thinking and challenged my immediate beliefs about money and business. I am ecstatic with energy to put all that I have learnt into practice: so easy, simple and achievable. I loved the presentations and the daily run of the program; at all times I had felt very comfortable and happy – the best way to learn. You all are wonderful and I feel indebted to Quantum Change Seminars for their assistance with my business! You guys are great! "

Vanessa T, Crows Nest, NSW

"It has given me clarity of purpose to achieve my long term goals. This has been the best investment of my time, energy and $ for a long time. I’m glad I took up the opportunity. As always, an extremely professional experience. "

Val T, Patterson Lakes, VIC

"It is an awesome experience to now be free from it after 11 years. I feel energised and excited for/about the rest of my life.
All smokers need to feel like this to realise that they don’t need cigarettes.

Alysia J, Orange, NSW

"It has given me a truly unique and cutting edge system utilising advanced neuro-linguistic techniques that will enable me to improve the lives of a great number of people. "

Milica T, Nunawading, VIC

"Before enlightenment – “chop wood, carry water”. After enlightenment – “chop wood, carry water”.
At last a seminar that has an action plan, that allows us to live in this space rather than visit it. Not only how to fish, but how to make money out of it. "

Stephen W, Rosalie, QLD

"It has given me an enormous opportunity to make money easily, help people and grow a successful business. What a fantastic seminar! I look forward to my first $1,000. "

Georgia W, Dutton Park, QLD

"I was able to quit cigarettes and become a “Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist Hypnotherapist.” It was also a pleasure to listen to George, Jamie and Roberta pass on their considerable knowledge. "

Graham W, Richmond, NSW

"I now, literally have a “business in a box” with everything included – nothing has been overlooked and now I just have to go through the motions and practise my script until it rolls off my tongue. This really has been real value for money and I can’t wait to start. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "

Beverly B, Ashgrove, QLD

"I found the training jam packed with information, motivating and inspirational as I have been to other trainings that have not produced some of the results as anticipated and have found this training to deliver exactly what it said. "

Vicki B, Sylvania, NSW

"I’m on the wonderful journey to change my life financially and spiritually by applying these principles (course) by making a difference in people’s life, making them quit smoking, therefore saving money, adding health and happiness. "

Stan B, Glenwaverly, VIC

"I learnt so much, gained confidence in my skills and overcame barriers in charging a reasonable dollar amount for my services.
Thank you for a wonderful session. "

Christine B, Bundaberg, QLD

"It is so enjoyable to be here. George with Roberta and Jamie are very clear and professional in what they are teaching and I’m so happy and overjoyed with material they give so I can go home and review, make sure I’m not in the dark or forgot what I learnt. Very important is I’m going to help many people and help myself with life I’m living now. "

Milica B, Mulgoa, NSW

"To be honest I was sceptical about helping people “quit cigarettes in 60 minutes” and “I offer a lifetime guarantee”. Now after 4 days I am not only NOT sceptical but KNOW that I can and will help people “quit” and make at least $1,000 a day and more. I have been given all the tools to achieve this. "

John B, Richmond, NSW

"It has expanded my knowledge and expertise. It has added another dimension to my toolbox of skills. The information and expertise contained within the program has condensed many lifetimes of experience into a concise, easy to follow format that is both intriguing and comprehensive. Greatly impressed with the universe that has been opened before me. "

Steven C, Brighton, VIC

"It’s given me an outlook to do marketing. Also, it’s given me inspiration to go out and become a “Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes” Specialist. The 4 days training has given me encouragement to think positively and it comes with a backup system from the facilitators.
Very empowering! Great stuff, love to come back for more. "

Noraini D, Sunnybank, QLD

"Wonderful, inspiring and motivational. "

Leonie E, Wadalba, NSW

"Great seminar, informative, interesting. Good training for all specialist. "

Warwick H, Wadalba, NSW

"I now have a complete, specialist package for assisting people to quit cigarettes and have the opportunity to change my life as a specialist and theirs, as non-smokers. "

Tracey L, Sale, VIC

"This was the most concise and beneficial training I have attended. Extremely congruent in every way! Everything I expect plus more, more, more…… "

Rita M, Sippy Downs, QLD

"It has given me the way to realise what I had visualised for myself. A while ago I decided that I only wanted to work 2-3 days per week and actually did take a casual position. The only thing missing was the $1,000 a day. Thank you for the wonderful training and reminding me that I can achieve what I perceive. I can have it all. I would recommend this course to anyone! "

Diane M, Charlestown, NSW

"I now have all the business building tools required to build a successful hypnotherapy practice right here in Australia.
Nothing has been left to chance, every conceivable aspect of running and managing a successful hypnotherapy practice has been covered, everything from the therapy to the telephone, to the marketing, to the stationery. I now have everything. "

Peter M, Rutherglen, VIC

"As well as receiving a fabulous business concept, which I now know to be conceivable, I am also a non-smoker.
I have a gift now that can help so many people. "

Maxine M, Wyong, NSW

"I see this as the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a complete system, including marketing, set up and program, completely prosperity in a box. Easy and simple: a win/win. And “wow” – understand and learning the principles of the “secret”. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of George, Roberta and Jamie and promise myself that I will adapt these attitudes in every area of my life. My thanks to you all. "

Lili M, Glebe, NSW

"This seminar has been:
Information, enjoyable, uplifting
Has had:
Generous and believable presenters.
I now feel ready to start this program in the next 2 weeks. I feel empowered and have all the tools I need. "

Joyce M, Warrawong, NSW

"The program will allow me to get off the merry-go-round of stress and long hours at work. It will give me the lifestyle of my choosing and save lives in the process. Thank you George, Roberta and Jamie. "

Catherine O, Maroubra, NSW

"It was fun, learnt lots, relaxed atmosphere. Very well organised, liked the idea of having a new package every day. Food was beautiful. Good idea having 3 different tutors. Enjoyed the secret DVD tremendously. "

Gezina O, Tahmoor, NSW

"I have been shown ways to motivate myself and maintain that state. I can now also apply what I have learnt to begin practice in a new modality. "

Leroy P, Potts Point, NSW

"It showed me more view points about life and smoking and removed my own occasional cravings for cigarettes already. I can see on myself IT WORKS! "

Beata T, VIC

"I have learnt about the process of, and the ideas behind, the process of hypnotism and hypnotic suggestion. I have an understanding of how and why hypnotic suggestion works and the pre-talk whereby much of the change is already achieved, thus enabling the hypnotist to be much more efficient and effective. "

Wayne W, Alexandria, NSW

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