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Testimonials - NLP Trainers Training

" I am so glad I completed the Quantum Change seminars NLP Trainers training with Tim Hallbom, George Faddoul & Nick LeForce because:
It has given me skills to actually put together and be a trainer of seminars. I’ve got a number of techniques to put me in the state needed to facilitate a training. I now know all the components of a training. There has been so much included that I have learnt it’s been amazing. Our facilitators were first class."

Caroline K, Ashwood, VIC

" I had so many “aha” moments. In the exercises we did I learnt how to present then to receive instant feedback; this allowed me to learn quickly and powerfully. I have been presenting my own seminars for a few years now and learning by trial and error, but why reinvent the wheel when you can get it in this seminar? Saving you years of your life thus being successful and excellent in your chosen field straight away!"

Marie B, Melbourne, VIC

" This Training Program is invaluable; it is definitely value for money

Ravindra B, Newington, NSW

" They have given so freely of their time and knowledge. They have shared the information I needed in an engaging and supportive manner. The other participants also help make this a truly successful training event."

Greg S, Penshurst, NSW

" I enjoyed the format that Tim, George and Nick Presented. The exercises and the levels of influence were great!"

Peter B, St Albans, VIC

" This training was really well organised. Tim is a great presenter and very competent. George is George as always. Nick was fun, professional & enjoyable – I’ll be back!!"

Kel P

" It has given me a lot more confidence in presenting, not just in a training format, but in general day to day interactions. The tools that you receive are amazing and the best thing about them is that so many are simple easy to learn and recall at the moment of your choosing they are things you can take with you all through your life."

Jan H, Mosman, NSW

" There are so many informal and knowledge and skills packed up in this course. Each one of the presenters has their own expertise to show us. Especially Nick; I can feel he demonstrates his integrity and skills and takes NLP learning to another level."

Echo Q, Hurstville, NSW

" This was the piece of the puzzle. Now I’m more confident about presenting starting with Tim and shifting to George and finally Nick – all very accomplished presenters – I learnt from everyone and I’m thankful for the opportunity that QC provided for me"

Peter S, Bexley, NSW

"Tim Hallbom has excellent presentation skills. He has a special gift when it comes to teaching. George is George: great as usual and Nick’s presented a thorough and enjoyable presentation. "

Lindsay O, Everton Hills, QLD

"This has given me new insights and skills into how I conduct myself and how others see me. The process of structuring and delivering with new skills and insights have let me become more natural and confident in presenting. The feedback has been fantastic and smoothed out some hidden rough edges. I can hardly wait to do my next presentation and talk. Do it, Dive in, IT’S GREAT!! "

Jeff S, Ingleburn, NSW

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