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Team QC

Roberta Faddoul

Roberta Faddoul has concentrated her entire lifetime in one field: discovering the best methods of creating a more fulfilling and abundant lifestyle – and sharing this vital knowledge with others. She is widely regarded as Australia’s ‘most connected individual’ in the personal development and wealth creation arena. Her company, Quantum Change Seminars, has coached thousands of people over the last few years. Check out her blog www.robertafaddoul.com

George Faddoul

George Faddoul is widely regarded as the leading NLP trainer who has trained thousands of people nationwide & internationally, and is a dynamic presenter on a wide range of topics ranging from personal development to powerful sales training. George is a business and marketing expert having started 7 multi million dollar business from scratch. He is the author of the best seller “How To Get a Bigger Bite Out Of Life” and featured in ‘The Secrets of Great Coaches Exposed’ with two new exciting NLP and esoteric books being released very soon. Read more about George Faddoul

Dr. Jamie Fettig

Dr. Jamie Fettig has delivered over 725 motivational and informational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several other publications. Jamie began his career right out of chiropractic college as a chiropractor in his own private practice. Shortly there after Dr. Fettig began teaching seminars to other chiropractors and Natural Health Care Providers. Jamie has worked with many famous entertainers, authors and professional athletes. Currently, Jamie owns one business, has authored three books, and has read and researched over 1,500 books on personal and professional development. Jamie mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a high content message that “Empowers Audiences to Achieve Extraordinary Results!”

Nick LeForce

Nick LeForce has over 25 years of experience in the field of human communication and development. He holds a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Administration from the University of San Francisco McLaren School of Business and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Welfare. Nick provides executive coaching services and management consultation to businesses as well as personal development services to individuals. He specializes in Value-Based Life Management Skills, helping individuals and businesses to identify governing values and use those values to create compelling goals, make effective decisions, manage time, overcome barriers to success, communicate persuasively, and achieve desired outcomes. Read More

Quantum Change Seminars is a new Australian company offering NLP and other personal development seminars in
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and other locations across Australia.

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